MA program in Comparative Media Studies receives accreditation

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MA program in Comparative Media Studies receives accreditation

The Master of Arts in Comparative Media Studies offered by the Department of Mass Communication of the Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication was accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education on May 6.

The Ministry’s accreditation certifies that this master’s degree offered by MIU has equivalency status with similar degrees offered by Egyptian universities, with all the rights and privileges that entails. 

The MA in Comparative Media Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to respond to the rapid changes in local and international media.  The program examines new trends in the media industry through focusing on media convergence, constitutions of media conglomerates and media ownership. 

The program prepares specialists capable of developing innovative research in comparative media that would cope with the fast developments in the media industry and communication technology.  It also provides media professionals with the knowledge and skills to develop local, regional and international media industry.

The MCM master’s degree is a minimum 2-year program starting each October, with early admission starting in January. The program is currently in its third year.

Faculty of Al Alsun & Mass Communication Organizes Seminar on Proper Nutrition during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

The Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication organized an online seminar on “Public Health and Proper Nutrition during the COVID-19 Pandemic” on  April 12,  2021.  The seminar was led by Dr. Nora Hassaballah,  a Certified Health Professional and Coach, and a graduate of Dietetics and Nutrition at Northern Illinois University, USA. Dr. Hassaballah stressed how healthy eating is important for the immune system, and explained that an unhealthy diet is one of the major risk factors for a range of chronic diseases.  She also provided advice on maintaining a healthy diet during the COVID-19 pandemic, including eating a healthy and varied diet, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly.

Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication Celebrates Orphans Day

The Faculty of Al-Alsun and Mass Communication celebrated the Orphans Day with the children of the “Egypt Association for the Protection of the Family and the Environment” on April 10, 2021.  Professor Hanan Kilani, Vice Dean for Community Service & Environment Development, Dr. Ingy Emara, Dr. Hanan Sharaf, and Teaching |Assistant Nehal Walid spent the day with the children, enjoying various games and entertainment activities.  They handed out English stories written and designed by Al Alsun students, posters designed by Mass Communication students to raise awareness of COVID-19, in addition to stationary and drawing materials for the kids.

Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication Organizes Online Workshops on Enhancing Professional and Soft Skills!

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing in-person work and professional gatherings to a halt, the Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication, in cooperation with Egypt’s Society for Culture and Development, organized a series of online workshops on the improvement of professional and soft skills from December 23- 30, 2020.  These workshops, organized by Professor Hanan Kilany, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development, are part of the Faculty’s virtual engagement with the community.  Two workshops on writing resumes and improving interview and presentation skills for young university graduates were led by Dr. Ingy Emara, Associate Professor of Linguistics in Al Alsun Department.  In addition, the Mass Communication Department Teaching Assistants Habiba Ayman, Nehal Walid and Amina El Sardy conducted two workshops on creating and managing a Facebook page and digital marketing. Each workshop was followed by application practicums. The participants expressed their appreciation to the trainers and to MIU for organizing these useful workshops as well as their request for more training workshops in the future.

The Center of Excellence in Translation & Localization Organizes Webinar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Interpreting

With the advent of 2021, the Center of Excellence in Translation and Localization of the Faculty of Al Alsun & Mass Communication, organized its first webinar titled “Interpreting: Theory and Practice during COVID-19 and Beyond” on Saturday, January 2, 2021.
The faculty discussed the impact of the pandemic on interpreting as a profession and a field of research. The list of speakers included the accomplished freelance interpreter/translator Rehab Salah, the talented freelance interpreter/translator Aya Tohamy, and Dr. Sama Dawood, Associate Professor of Translation and Interpreting, the Faculty of Al Alsun & Mass Communication, MIU. Our distinguished alumnus, Ahmed Towman, Head of Translation and Interpreting Department at AFAQ Consultancy for Leadership Development, UAE, was also among the speakers of the webinar.
The session was moderated by Dr. Hanan Sharaf, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, and Ms. Maha Ashraf Assistant Lecturer, at the Faculty of Al Alsun & Mass Communication. The talks were followed by an interactive Q &A session where participants shared their views and raised some relevant questions. More than 100 attendees participated in the webinar including professors, interpreters, and students.

Al Alsun Department Organizes Training Workshop on Trados SDL Studio

In its efforts to bring new developments to its staff and students, Al Alsun Department of the Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication has bought the license for Trados SDL Studio 2019, the most popular Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software.  

Introducing this tool in translation classes will bring new dimensions to the learning experience of the students and will better prepare them for the job market.  This software is also useful for staff members who are interested in organizing and preparing their translation projects in a more professional manner. To this end, Al Alsun Department organized a two-day workshop on December 8 and 10, 2020 to introduce Trados SDL Studio to the staff members, in collaboration with its partner iTranslate Group. The workshop was moderated by Mr. Mo’men Rawi, Project Manager at iTranslate Group, and delivered by Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed, Senior Translator at iTranslate Group.

MIU Alumni Join the Teacher Certification Professional Development Program certified by Florida Atlantic University

Education First Foundation and Balanced Education Services and Training (BEST) offered graduates of the Faculty of Al-Alsun and Mass Communication an opportunity to join the Teacher Certification Professional Development Program certified by Florida Atlantic University (FAU).
Seven MIU Alumni joined the program which was held at New Generation International Schools from November 14, 2020 to December 19,2020. Workshops were held each Saturday / 6 hours per day, for 6 consecutive weeks.
After successfully finishing the program, Dr. Salma el Bakry Chairman of Education First Board and Mr. Nabil Michel CEO & Academic Consultant of Balanced Education Services and Training handed in the program certificates to MIU Alumni participating in the program.

MCM Holds Second Graduate Student Conference on Comparative Media Studies

The Department of Mass Communication of the Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication organized its Second Graduate Student Conference on “Comparative Media Studies” on December 12, 2020.   

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that we face as a global community, the conference was virtual this year.  The one-day conference provided an interdisciplinary platform for scholarly interaction and a sounding board for young scholars (particularly MA and doctoral students) to present their work and get feedback.  The conference also offered emerging scholars the opportunity to discuss and exchange research ideas and innovative theoretical insights with participants from different backgrounds. 

Keynote speakers included Dr. Shaun Shafer, Interim Vice Provost and Associate Vice President of Curriculum and Policy Development, at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, the USA and Dr. May Telmissany, Associate Professor of Arabic Studies at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and Director of ACANS, the Arab Canadian Studies Research Group. 

A number of Mass Communication professors from different universities participated in the Conference and shared their knowledge and insights with the speakers.  Conference topics included media convergence and social change, media economics, health and environmental communication, drama and media production, and new trends in integrated marketing communication.  The conference attracted a large number of participants from different public and private universities. 

CEO Amr Koura guest lectures at MIU

Mass Communication department had the pleasure to have the CEO Amr Koura as a guest lecturer in “Special Topics in Broadcast” class. Amr Koura is the CEO at Creative Arab Talent CAT and Ektebli, the content sourcing agency.
Amr Koura conducted an online class with MCM students to explain how the Egyptians get inspired by foreign TV shows and programs, and how Egyptians tweak them to fit the Egyptian culture.
MCM students acquired great knowledge and information from the renowned media guru, Amr Koura.

IMC Graduation Project Wins GFF Award

An MIU Integrated Marketing Communication graduation project won a Gouna Film Festival Award. The festival’s fourth edition was held from October 23-31.
The IMC Graduation Project was about the “Egyptian Cinema Experience”, which is a museum that revives the Egyptian Cinema Heritage. The project was produced by eight enthusiastic graduates of Mass Communication. The MIU graduates got an A in the project, yet they did not stop there after graduation; the graduates had a vision of implementing their project and applied in a competition at GFF.

The judging panel at GFF consisted of Sawires’ son, actress Sherine Reda and Nermine Farag. The panel chose the IMC project to be of the best 3 chosen projects that they will help to be actually implemented into real life. The judging panel was amazed that they were the only Fresh Graduates who were able to come up with such an interesting project amidst a pandemic.

The panel granted our IMC graduates the 3rd prize and promised to connect them with investors and Head of the Culture Ministry’s General Directorate Mr Khaled Abdelgelil.
The MIU graduates intend to continue working on implementing the project and ‘shining’ in the industry.