Prof. Rowena Schwartz


Prof. Rowena Schwartz, Pharm D, BCOP, Senior Director, Clinical Content and Services, McKesson Specialty Health, visited MIU Faculty of Pharmacy from February 18th- March 1st, 2012.  During her stay, Dr. Schwartz lectured 4th year pharmacy students on the common oncologic diseases and their pharmacotherapeutic approaches.  She also supervised the application of new teaching and assessment techniques of OSLE and OSCE in the laboratory sessions to enhance the students’ professional competencies in simulated clinical settings. In a meeting with Pharmacy Practice Specialists and the TAs, she discussed several issues related to “Preceptor ship “, MIU newly developed concept in pharmacy practice. She also discussed the role of the clinical Pharmacy in the oncology domain and necessary chemotherapy patient follow up and counseling concepts that will lead to the advancement of health outcomes in Egypt.

Dr Rowena held a counseling meeting with the clinical pharmacists in the National Cancer Institute where she provided answers and advices to their questions and difficult patient cases.

Furthermore, she participated in the 5th continuous education workshop, “The Pharmacist’s Role in Achieving Health Outcomes”, which was organized as part of Continuing Professional Pharmacy Development Program, on March 1st, 2012. Her presentation was entitled “Counseling Patient and Families on Cancer Treatment”.