International Office

International office Overview

Welcome to International Office (IO)

We are proud to welcome you to join MIU as a leading private university always striving to rank on top of the Egyptian private university system. In our pursuit for excellence and continuous progress, we have envisioned the necessity to prepare our graduates to be internationally competent negotiators, teachers, policy-makers, politicians and entrepreneurs. MIU administration has also recognized that this current generation must know different languages, cultures, and business practices to meet the growing challenges that face our graduates.

International Office Mission Statement

Misr International University is an undergraduate and comprehensive private university located in the suburbs of Cairo. All our programs are taught in English and our vision for the future includes international accreditation and access to international education, both at home and abroad, for our national and international students.

Through the various programs run by the International Office at MIU, we present our students and staff with a multitude of opportunities for international education both abroad and on campus.

International Office offers support services and activities to MIU students engaged in one of the many Study Abroad/Student Exchange Programs, and to foreign students spending a semester or two at MIU. The IO coordinates all MIU existing international programs, and works on expanding relations with foreign universities and widening the scope of programs. The IO participates in and organizes several international seminars, conferences, workshops, and staff training sessions that aim at promoting teaching methodologies in higher education institutes.