General Admissions Requirements

Students are required to register each semester during the assigned registration period. They select courses in consultation with their academic advisors who approve their academic load before registration.

Credit Hours

Courses are calculated in credit hours. Each course carries a certain number of credits that are awarded after the successful completion of that course. Credit hours usually equal the number of hours spent in class per week and also reflect the workload or level of difficulty of a course.

Academic Regulations

Academic regulations govern the relationship between the university and its students. These regulations reflect the university’s effort to build reliable students who are fully aware of the academic system implemented in their university and responsible for tracing such regulations throughout their study period at MIU.


To graduate, a student must pass all required courses and achieve a minimum of 2.00 in both the cumulative and the major GPAs.


Students with a cumulative points average of 3.6 or above at graduation are granted a BA/BSc with high honors. Students with a cumulative points average between 3.4 and 3.6 at graduation are granted a BA/BSc with 2nd class honors.

General Information

A student has to pay his/her tuition fees before the beginning of the semester. Scholarships are valid for the first year only and any later discount will be determined upon the student’s academic performance which is directly reflected on his/her cumulative GPA. Students must check regularly their Student Portal .

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