About Our Faculty

On behalf of the staff of the Faculty of Mass Communication, I would like to welcome you to our prestigious Faculty. Since life is all about choices and choices rely mainly on priorities, your decision to join the Faculty of Mass Communication at Misr International University shows that you are already aware that a respectable education which copes with and even heralds the international development in the field is a top priority in life. 


The Faculty of Mass communication has made it its top priority to graduate students who not only know core information related to Mass communication and its sciences, but also possess a broader knowledge of the different sciences and general, but necessary, life skills. The faculty aims at graduating responsible citizens who can serve their community in the field of mass media and represent their country abroad.


The Faculty of Mass Communication offers its students an opportunity to specialize in one of its three majors, Electronic and Print Journalism, Radio and Television, and Integrated Marketing Communications. The students can also take a minor in one of these branches or in a branch offered by any other faculty in the University.


I am honored to inform you that in any of these majors you will be taught by highly-qualified and experienced professors and professionals in the field of mass communication, who have at their service the command of the state-of-the-art technology provided by the university. Our students enjoy the use of the latest digital studios, Internet and multimedia labs and photography labs. They also gain first-hand experience by practically implementing what they have learned in real-life situations that they can meet in their career.


Finally, we welcome you to our Faculty and hope you all are likely to  enjoy the technical services and individual assistance the Faculty can offer. 


Professor  Hamdy Hassan

Dean, Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication

University Vice President