About Our Faculty

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the department of Al Alsun at Misr International University. Here you will have the chance to develop and flourish on the academic and personal levels


The Department of Al Alsun offers a variety of courses in different fields in the English language and linguistics, literature, and translation. The literature courses span a number of centuries from the Medieval literature up till contemporary writing. The linguistics courses enhance students' language skills and understanding of the origin and peculiar features of the English language while the translation courses strengthen the students' English and Arabic competence.


Thus, an Alsun student will graduate with an open-minded understanding of different cultures, critical thinking abilities, and a command of both the English and Arabic languages. The student also has the chance to choose a second language to study from among a number of languages offered by the department.

The department aims at having a wide network of graduates who understand the needs of their community and are able to serve it well.


In order to do that, the department focuses on enhancing the students with practical skills and multidisciplinary knowledge that would allow them to be unique not only in the Egyptian market but internationally as well. You can trust yourselves in the hands of our distinguished, highly experienced, and helpful professors. In Al -Alsun, every student counts.


Professor Hamdy Hassan

Dean, Faculty of Al Alsun and Mass Communication

University Vice President