About MIU

Welcome To MIU

Since Misr International University was established, we have been committed to academic distinction and quality education. Looking back at the past years, I am filled with pride at the university's achievements & continuous pursuit of intellectual, professional & creative development of its students.

MIU is fully aware of the importance of opening up to the world. As such, we engage in a variety of contacts with renowned American & European universities, giving our students the golden chance to prepare themselves for entry into the global workforce.

With our unceasing commitment to excellence & unwavering nurture of the expanding student body, Misr International University will continue to provide the necessary skills & knowledge for tomorrow’s professionals.


     Mr. Hussein El Rashidy
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Misr International University offers a unique educational experience in which both Egyptian and Western system are merged, enabling the university to continuously upgrade by developing new courses, and applying the latest educational methodologies.

Misr International University's mission for the next two years is to expand the focus of the institution by establishing a post graduate program.  Additionally, MIU plans to introduce new fields of specialization in different faculties.

Students attending MIU gain special skills that prepare them for entry into today's working world with pride & capability.


Prof. Mohamed Shebl El Komy
      University President